Crash Linux with one line


We all know that Linux is known for it’s security and stability but using fork bomb you can crash linux instantly.
Now first of all we have to know that what is meaning of fork bomb ?

Fork bomb is basically a DoS Attack (Denial of Service Attack) in which one process/function continuously calling itself for infinite time.

Now how to create fork bomb ? Below is the example of one format of fork bomb.

function | function &

Now in linux for executing fork bomb just write below line in terminal and execute it. In that we have just replace “function” keyword with just “;” in earlier example of fork bomb.

;(){ ; | ; & };;

In windows also you can create fork bomb but the method is little bit different.In this method you have to make on .bat file and edit that file with below code.Just copy/Paste below code.

start cmd.exe
goto bomb

After paste this code and run this file(Not on your computer) 🙂 .
After applying fork bomb the only way to get out of that is restart you computer.



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