How to change / hide your IP Address

Many geeks always eager to know that how to change ip address manually or automatically.Here I am going to show you all the way to change ip address.
There are mainly three ways to change your IP address.

First Way,

There are proprietary software to change IP address.Here is the list

and so on…
There are so many software to do this.
If you have luck then you can also get crack version of this software in torrent.

Second Way,

There is browser called TOR(The Onion Router) to change your IP address.
The good news is this is Open Source browser.
Here is the download link.–>
After downloading tor browser and open
Your ip will change.Now anything you browse in TOR browser is Private.

Third Way,

First of all open this site.–>
There is thousand of port and IP address.Now pick one of them.
I choose below one.

List of ip address

To use this follow this step.

For Firefox user,

Goto option–>Advanced , Now under advanced tab go into network tab and then into setting option.
For better understanding.

mozilla proxy setting

Now in setting choose manual proxy configuration . and paste your new ip and port .
Like below image.

mozilla proxy setting

Now search “check my ip” in google.
Your ip is changed.

For Chrome user,

then in that go at the last and select show advanced setting
In that go to network and click change proxy setting.

Chrome setting

In that select LAN setting(For Lan users) and choose setting (For Dial up setting)
For both under proxy server select check box.
For Lan

Lan proxy

For Dial Up

dialup proxy

I recommended you change both setting.
Now restart your browser and search in google “Check my ip”.
Your IP has been changed.
Don’t be a silent reader.



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