Best Laptop under 60000

Best Laptop Under Rs.60000

All the laptops are not that great for this budget. Even some of the laptops still have an i3 or r3 processor in this budget.

So to check whether the laptop is good or not is necessary. Hence, you will get a list of the best laptops under 60000 for gaming and video editing purpose.

Let check the laptops.

1. Acer aspire a7

Acer is a good brand for budget laptops. From Acer, you can expect good quality products at the lowest price as compared to the other brands.

Overview of this laptop

In this laptop, you will get an i5 9300h generation processor. This processor is good for playing from this laptop in 1080p resolution. But still, for playing games, there is a requirement for GPU on a laptop.

For that purpose, there you will not get the support of any external graphics card. With this laptop, you will get a decent GTX 1650 graphics card. It is good for basic 1080p gaming.

But still, you will not able to play games at 1080p high settings. For the ram. in this laptop you will get a support of 8Gb DDR4 ram.

Even in this laptop is you want to increase the laptop ram for up to 16 Gb. You can also able to do some basic 1080p video editing from this laptop.

The battery backup of this laptop is up to 5 hours. It will be good for normal usage and whenever you want to play games you can connect the charger and play on charging.

2. Asus Tuf gaming fx505dt

Asus is a good brand for gaming laptops and graphics cards. This laptop is an amazing model for gaming in the Asus Tuf ging series.

Overview of this laptop

With this laptop, you will get a dedicated graphics card for gaming. On this laptop, you will get a GTX 1650 4GB graphics card.

For the processor in this laptop, you will get an r5 9300h processor. With both processor and the graphics card, you can expect high-end ging performance at 1080p level.

For the memory, you will get an 8Gb DDR4 ram on these laptops. This is a standard ram which will be available on almost every laptop in this budget. Even it is more than enough for playing games and video editing for this budget.

The display is IPS with 15.6 Inches and Full HD resolution. An IPS display is better than the normal LED display on the laptop. Because in IPS display you will get better colors as compared to the normal display.

If you want to use this laptop for the internet then you need a router. So check the latest routers for act broadband.

3. Hp Pavilion gaming 15

Hp is a great and well-known brand in India. But still, the prices of some HP laptops do not come in a budget segment.

But this hp laptop is good for playing on 1080p resolution. For the budget under 60000 hp is giving you a great of the option of this laptop.

Overview of this laptop

With this laptop, you will get Rysen 5 3550h processor. In this processor, there will be no integrated GPU.

But still, there will be a dedicated GPU available for better gaming on a laptop. For this budget, laptop hp is giving the Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB graphics card.

With this graphics card and 8Gb DDR4 ram, you can play games on 1080p high settings.

However there you will also get an IPS display for a better video streaming experience. This laptop is also good for video editing purposes.

In this hp laptop, you will get up to 4 hours of battery backup. However, it is less as compared with the Mi 14 laptop.

4. Acer Nitro 5

Acer Nitro 5 is another laptop in this Budget for gaming from Acer. This is a laptop that comes with great design and performance.

Overview of this laptop

You will get great RGB support on this laptop. You can select the RGB color of the keyword from the laptop easily.

Even you will get an i5 9400h processor in this laptop. With this processor, you can play games and so video editing on 1080p resolution.

With the 15.6 inches, IPS display you will get up to 4 hours of battery backup. However, this seems to be less but still enough for a gaming laptop.

In this laptop, you will get all the necessary ports of the laptop except the thunderbolt port.

5. Mi notebook 14 horizon edition

This is the last laptop on the list. It is a newly launched mi laptop. However, this acts as a notebook but still, you can play some games on low settings with this laptop.

Overview of this laptop

For the processor, it has the latest i7 10 generation processor. It is better than both i5 9300h and r5 3550h. But still, it doesn’t make a huge gap in gaming performance.

Because in this laptop you will a low-end graphics card 2Gb MX 350. With a graphics card, you can play some games on maximum medium settings at 1080p resolution.

Even the display size of this laptop is also smaller as compared to the laptops. It has 14 inches display size with an anti-glare function.

For the Ram, it has an 8Gb ram with DDR4 ram type. This is the latest Ram available on a laptop available for a good gaming performance

The main advantage of this laptop is that it has a good battery backup of up to 10 hours. However, if you are continually playing games then it will be reduced. It also has a decent 512 Gb SSD storage.


For the best gaming experience, Asus Fuf fx505dt is a great option. But if you want a laptop from hp then you can check the hp pavilion gaming 15 laptop.

However, all the laptop’s has great GTX 1650 graphics card for playing games on 1080p resolution. You can the price of the laptops for a better experience.

So if you like it feel free to share it with your friends. If you have any suggestions free to comment below.

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