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This is What all it takes to Choose a Reliable Node js Development Company

Fear rules the business world in both ways online as well as offline. The fear of losing what you have and of never getting another chance. And sadly you are not alone! 

There is no denying the way that sites have gotten essential particularly after the COVID Pandemic. Gone are the days when Food, clothes and house were the basic need. Your online presence positively shapes the premise of numerous individuals’ jobs. So regardless of whether you have the most insane thought when given an opportunity of making it on the web, simply let it all out! 

There’s just one condition! Your online presence sought to be downright noteworthy. Tell you what,  your site is only one out of an ocean of 47 billion sites presently swimming around the web. And getting visitors to opt-in, engage or buy your product can be insanely tricky. Well, I am not here to scare you but chances are pretty much high of you getting frustrated and unable to give a proper implementation. 

Here I come to save the day! I’ve managed to pick up a specific technology that can never go wrong irrespective of your project type. As a veteran, I can vouch for the fact that Node js development is undoubtedly the best platform to build any kind of website. 

About Node js

In the world of programming languages Node js seems to be the upcoming superstar. I mean with 1% to 2.2% usage of the tech among websites, this one has taken off in a big way. Big companies like Amazon, Netflix, eBay, Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and PayPal are some of the best examples to think upon. Also, the fact that Node allows both front-end and backend to “speak” the same language is just the cherry on top.

Can anybody escape from the gravitational pull of Javascript? No one! Tech-geeks, developers would definitely get the point. Javascript has been offering a wide range of frameworks and libraries for creating interactive, modern interfaces over all these years now. The only challenge was no such platform was deployed to compete with other well-established languages. Node js technology entered as the new kid in the block and now seems to have become everyone’s favorite from multiple startups to huge enterprises. 

In fact there have been several rumours stating that the programming language might even replace java for good. Let us unfold the mystery of what is so special  about the tech and why it is being hyped so much?

Technically speaking, Node js is a JavaScript runtime environment allowing the infrastructure to build and run an application. Being a light, scalable, and cross-platform way to execute code, Node js is worth using especially when building real-time and high traffic applications, collaborative tools, Internet of Things, scalable data streaming applications, and micro services.   

When not to use Node js? 

  • If you are creating an application with heavy computing server-side
  • If you are building a simple CRUD app with data 
  • If you are building server-side web applications with relational databases. 

Top Reasons to Choose Node.JS For Web App Development

  #1 Performance

It’s true! With organizations nowadays searching for frameworks incredible regarding flexibility and versatile due to the growing user base. What’s more, the innovation has the ability to have any size of the target audience flawlessly.

Mainly built on Google Chrome’s V8 engine and written C++ that not only makes it super fast but also provides great assistance in creating web applications which can handle multiple parallel connections with great performance. In addition, the event-driven, single-threaded architecture enables Node js developers to handle multiple simultaneous requests without much delay. 

#2 Scalability 

Without a shadow of doubt, Node js development offers better versatility, improved execution and enhanced costs. Most of the developers concur as they end up saving heaps of time by utilizing reusable, ready-to-run components of node modules. And you know what is the best part? You can scale it depending on specified resources required at the moment. 

The cluster built-in module allows a Node js developer to scale your system both horizontally and vertically. 

#3 Reusable Code

Since JavaScript is the most loved programming language, one can easily share parts of code between different components in the system. And it may interest you to know that you can use the same parts of code on the frontend as well as the backend. 

Also, with Node.js you can deliver an MVP very fast which reduces the amount of money and effort needed to achieve it. 

To make sure you know, I’m by no means making this up. Check out the Node.js survey report for yourself and you will know that by using Node js development services businesses have increased developer’s productivity, performance of the Node js application, up time, customer satisfaction/ engagement and reduced development costs to a great extent. 

Let’s get acquainted with the Big players who adopted the concept of Node.js development. 

Big Names made using Node js   

1. Netflix

One of the leading streaming service platforms featuring 180 + million subscribers till 2020. I mean finding a scalable solution that is capable enough to handle around 1 billion hours of weekly video streaming is no joke. Day in day out Netflix seems to be getting more popular and have you wondered why the platform chose Node js? Simple, their team of developers have already been working in JavaScript so they didn’t need to learn anything new (two birds with one stone) and they loved what Node modules had to offer. 

And you know what’s the most interesting part? The platform managed to lower their startup time from 40 minutes to under 1 minute. 

2. PayPal

With over 325 million active accounts, Paypal’s current net payment volume is 190.57 billion USD with 3.26 billion online transactions. The leading name decided to build those parts of the web application that are seen by the end-users. By using Node.js, PayPal’s development team slimmed down and speeded up the app adding modularity to it. 

According to Paypal, they could handle per second, and page response time is 200ms faster.

3. LinkedIn

 Since its inception in 2016, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for the mind-blowing price, i.e. 26 billion USD. Today, LinkedIn had over 675 million users on board. The LinkedIn team decided that two particular Node.js benefits were crucial for their project – easy scaling and communication with other services (the mobile LinkedIn app talks to the platform’s API and databases). 

Top tips to hire a well-versed Node.js development Services 

Now hiring a reputable Node.js development company can be a bit daunting especially when you have thousands of options around. So here I will be stating a few crucial tips that can 

#1 JavaScript Know-how 

It may quite interest you to know that the most requisite aspect to consider when hiring a reliable Node js development company is to check whether they are well-versed with the technology or not. For many of you price might be a crucial factor or the location of the Node.js service provider but if the organization doesn’t know about Javascript (the basic)how will they deliver the appropriate value to your needs. 

As we know Javascript is the base foundation and if you found a developer who is familiar you have nothing to worry about as most developers work in a similar kind of framework or environment. 

In addition, the chosen Nodejs development company needs to be familiar with the entire concept of Node js development including all the ubiquitous parts of Javascript used among most of the platforms. 

#2 Ask some hard-hitting questions

While you are conducting an interview with your potential Node js development company it is very crucial to ask some hard-hitting questions as if you are showing that you aren’t blown away by their CV’s full of certificates, letters of recommendations and degrees. 

You can ponder questions like define Node js or do you know anything about V8 engines? State a few advantages of using Node js development? Can you differentiate between the frontend and the backend technology? Is there any difference between Javascript and Node js? Why should I consider Node js and not Angular for my upcoming project? Explain the entire working of the technology? 

Make sure you have gone through their profiles and chosen relevant questions for example you cannot ask advanced technical questions to a junior level Node js developer? 

But a junior level professional should carry a proper understanding of libuv, event loop, asynchronous programming and other basics of Node.js. He or she must carry knowledge of Javascript. 

#3 Time to test their Soft skills

No matter how kick ass your chosen company is in terms of hard skills but things might not work out as expected since they aren’t qualified enough in their soft skills. After all we are dealing with professionals, having basic soft skills is a must-have thing. 

Try probing questions like how do you tackle the extra burden of workload? Can you lead a team? If yes, when was the last time you did that and how was your experience? If you are under a stressful situation due to personal problems, how will you cope with it so that it does not affect your work performance? How would you explain some difficult tasks to your team? What was the last time when you overcame a huge challenge? How was your experience working with a person you were not compatible with?

The answer to these questions will determine the qualities and abilities in terms of leadership quality, time management, team spirit, problem-solving skills, communication skills, etc.


And that’s a wrap! Choosing a reliable Node js development company is not easy but it is a doable job. Just don’t do anything you don’t feel like, trust your instincts. And make sure to pick the one who is willing to work hard on your projects so that it suits your liking.

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