Create folder named CON in windows 7

Create folder named CON in windows 7

Do You know you can’t make folder named “con” ?
You can try now.
Why it is so?
Because In windows special device files are available to aid in certain tasks such as clearing screen order to maintain this version of windows up to 7 are refused to create folder/file with these reserved device name.
“CON” is one of them.CON incidentally is device file used to capture whatever printed on screen .
There are following reserved keywords.
CON , PRN , AUX , NUL etc.
So here is the trick to create folder named “con”.
[ssticklist]<ul> <li>Create Folder.</li><li>Named it “con” Don’t press enter.</li><li>Now after writing “con” press “ALT+255”.</li>

NOTE: To write “255” make sure you are using numpad .Function keys are not working in this trick.

<li>Then press ENTER.</li></ul>[/ssticklist]
It’s Created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Proof of it.

folder con

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