Change Default icon in windows

Change Default icon in windows

You can change icon for open/close default folder,hard drive,ram drive etc. in windows by editing into registry.
[addbox]First of all backup registry for safety…[/addbox]

[ssticklist]<ul> <li>Windows : Start->Run->regedit.exe press Enter.For Windows 7 : Start->type “regedit”->press enter</li>
<li>Now In “File” Menu click “Export”.</li>
<li>Once the Export Registry File window appears,choose location to save the registry backup file to.</li>

Note:You should keep this file at safe place, so when you want to restore at that time you can get this file easily.

<li>Enter a name which u want to backup registry.</li></ul>[/ssticklist]

Ok Now,
[addbox]Step to Change Folder Icon.[/addbox]
[ssticklist]<ul> <li>Open Registry.</li><li>Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE–>Software–> Microsoft–>Windows–>Current Version–>Explorer–>”Shell Icons” If you don’t have “Shell Icons” Key then create by Right Click on Explorer on the Left Pane -> New ->Key. </li><li>In the right pane of the Shell Icons keys.Right Click -> New -> String Value.For the new value created give the name “3″ and press enter.Here “3” is for closed folder.Below there are more options.</li><li>Now right click on “3” and modify it.Give your full path of icon which u want.</li>

NOTE :Icon size should be 256*256 pixel.

<li>Now restart your computer.</li></ul>[/ssticklist]
Here is the snapshot.

Here is more options.
0= Unknown file type
3= Closed Folder
4= Open Folder
7= Removable Drive
8= Hard Drive
11= CD-ROM Drive
29= Shortcut Arrow

Enjoy it …………………………
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