Best Employee Communication Tool Provider for Companies

Best Employee Communication Tool Provider for Companies

Who is the best Employee Communication tool provider for Companies?


When we talk about the best communication tool provider, then the first name that comes to the mind is Slack. The real challenge is to maintain effective communication with a remote employee. Well, this is where Slack plays its role. The employees can sync their Slack status with the Google calendar. As a result, others become aware of the availability of an employee.

With this tool, it becomes easy for the employees to join Zoom with a single click. Slack also provides a Gmail add-on. Well, this is why it becomes easy for you to bring an email thread into Slack.

When the email thread is available on the tool, then you can discuss it with the team without a problem. When you want to have effective employee communication, then it is essential that employees need to remain updated.

You can collaborate with Google Drive using Slack. As a result, you will get information about the latest files shared or you will receive comments on your work. The employees can import the drive files which they wish to share with the other team members.

Slack is an asset for the remote employees also. The employee can create a dedicated channel for each project using this tool. As an employee, you can move all the meeting notes, files, and discussions into the channel.

The employees can name the channels to ensure that the discussion stays on topic. The organization can introduce a general channel for announcements. The benefit of this practice is that all employees will remain updated.


Yammer is yet another tool that is gaining popularity because it is effective for internal communication. However, the organization needs to define the purpose for Yammer in the organization.

Yammer can get termed as a cloud-based social network. It enables the employees to collaborate across different departments and promotes effective employee communication. The employees can join public and private groups using Yammer.

The network facilitates private messaging also so it becomes easy for the employees to communicate with each other.


If you are looking for a tool better than Slack and Yammer, then Blink is the best option. The tool works well for employee engagement. Many English companies are turning to this software for employee engagement.

Blink combines the best features of the employee intranet. A blink is an information-rich tool for the on-site staff and remote employees.

Blink allows you to store the onboarding material directly in the company’s hub. Plus, you can send the outstanding HR tasks to the new employees without a problem. The best thing about Blink is that it is more of an intuitive tool.

The tool keeps the employees focused. Blink feed also offers immense value to the employees. The employees get a chance to see social posts from their co-workers in an internal company News Feed keeping everyone engaged. Blink offers transparency that may not be available with other tools.

You get to know what integrated tools get used with Blink. The tool gives a clear picture of unread messages in the feed. There is no denying the fact that Blink provides stats for every post present in the feed.

When it comes to other tools, they are far behind in the competition. Let us compare Blink and Slack to understand how Blink supersedes Slack.

Cost: $6.18 per month
Cost: $6.67 per month
UK Based 24/7 support
No 24/7 Support
Scalable at the same price
Prices go up as company scales
Blink offers a clear sense of direction. It is perfect for sharing important announcements, bringing together the whole team
Slack is more of a conversational tool, it does not work for well engaging companies as a whole

Creating an approval process for internal communication

When you want your internal communication process to be a success, then you need to plan an approval strategy also. The content that gets floated across different mediums needs approval. The benefit of this practice is that the content will not have any errors that can sabotage employee communication.

Secondly, closed comments will not get published in the wrong segments. The organization needs to assign a team to control the internal communication process. There should be stakeholders from each department who will contribute in the approval process.

Marketing and communication teams have the ability to effectively manage the communication process. The marketing team needs to navigate to the content library. They have to identify the up to date content. It will have a crucial impact on employee advocacy.

Bambu is an effective tool to increase employee advocacy. When the employees will engage with the content, then they will turn into powerful content marketing engines for your organization.

The approval team must also ensure that the content gets floated on the correct platforms. For example, major news needs to get shared on Twitter. When the employees go through this news, it will give them the feeling that they matter to the company.

Devising the Communication Strategy

When an organization wants to devise an effective communication strategy, then it needs to remember one rule. The communication process needs to be simple. The organization must identify a centralized location of information for the employees. When the organization will make the various sources of information accessible, then there will be no communication loopholes.

The organization must promote productive and meaningful communication in an organization. It will not be a bad idea to give training to employees. As a result, it will become easy for employees to understand the essence of meaningful communication.

The organization should create channels where the employees can freely share their ideas. A successful organization has a multi-generation workforce. The benefit of this practice is that every generation can pitch in their ideas for success.

When an organization wants its communication strategy to be a success, then they need to practice what they preach. The communication strategy needs to be followed by higher management also. The reason is that the employees look up to higher management.

The communication process needs to get streamlined across the organization. The new trends should get embraced by the higher management also and only then the lower-level employees will follow them.

Keep one thing in mind employee communication is the backbone of any organization. You cannot afford to go wrong here. When a company does not have satisfied employees, then success will become impossible.

The management needs to own the employees by accepting their innovative communication ideas. Only, then the employees will get inclined to give in their input.


The HR department of the organization should also take additional steps to promote effective communication. They should have periodic sessions with the employees so that they get a fair idea if any employee is discontent.

When the employees are satisfied, then they encourage the new joiners also to contribute to the communication process. It takes significant time to build up a workforce. Effective communication is the only way to retain employees. Once an organization has a talented workforce, then it becomes easy to focus on other critical goals of the organization.

Take your first step towards success today and encourage your employees to communicate effectively. Remember, your employees are the future of your organization.

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