Data Security Tips for a Small Business Owner

Data Security Tips for a Small Business Owner

The security system now becomes the necessity of the society even for small business; our first priority is to secure data. 70 percent of the cyber-attack the small business and sneak their important information. So, decreasing the chance of your business for being hacked your security system there is choosing the right steps. Mostly electronic devices, for example, smart phones, laptops, and tablets are in extreme danger in terms of security purposes. These devices used very commonly whether for making communication easier or doing some other businesses, prominently for security issues.

Some important tips for the security

Here are some of the tips that are imperative to follow for the comprehensive security guide;

Use strong password and change it on a daily basis

Change your password regularly as it is the very easiest way to protecting your security systems and make your password difficult as much as you can; by mixing small and capital letters, numbers, and symbols. Then it became harder for a hacker to hack your password. In another way, to use you’re a password manager is in your phone apps to provide you a unique, but difficult password.

Log out properly

Look your system; if it is logged out properly or not. In this way, you are not giving any chance to anyone to sneak your data, personal information, and files out of your computer. The same thing is applied to your smart phones, tablets locked properly to save your data access from hackers. Moreover, avoid using public laptops; as they were not saved for security purposes and used by anyone. All in all, these computers are not saved from hacker’s hands. But, if you have an emergency to use public computers, then first check the connection that links with the https or not.

Use a secure wireless connection

Connecting unknown networks also allow hackers to steal your private information. So, keep avoiding connecting such unsafe networks that are unknown to you. Also, provide separate signals to guests and hide your network name too, in order to protect your data.

Keep updating your software

The most important and easiest way to protect your device from any malicious thing is to update your software. In most of the small businesses tips, updating software is less concern and being ignored; which make security system devastating. This also results deception in online shopping. Now, it is the time to pay attention to install the anti-virus program to keep your data safe from virus.


To protect your data from losing information, due to any malicious activity, prepare a backup system that saves all your data’s that you have put in your backup. But, choose such a system for backup that provides you a reliable service and link it with some official software.

Backup Solutions For Small Businesses

Every problem has a solution”, is not just a phrase- it’s true. And the prominent problem of leaking private information in any business is easily solved by BlurSPY monitoring software which tracks the system of hackers which hacked the system. This software provides you various types of features that track your employee’s activities. It also gives information about any malicious activity is done in your office or in your business by anybody. In all types of devices whether it is I phone, android, tablets, and even laptops BlurSPY software is acceptable in all that.

Top features of the Blur SPY software

The software detects and records the calls in your phone and makes an evident of the attacker contact on your screen and allows us to see their activity around the day by displaying on the screen of your phone. The recording gives you the way to protect your family members and friend and your work people.

Unknown calls are blocked

This software also able to pick up the right calls and block unknown calls that may because of some malicious activity.

Capture the screenshot for the proof

This software also catches the snapshots of your private information that are directly uploaded on the online websites and also tell the details of that person who leaked your information by taking shots in your gallery.

Steal through their calls and charts

Communications are mostly done by messages and calls. These communications also result in hacking our information with a BlurSPY application. Supervision provides you to access your call log which enables you to know the time duration in your phone dashboard

Never ignore your pointed GPS location

Hidden GPS Tracker

The biggest feature of this software is to provide a GPS tracker which able to locate all visited places by the target devices. Another importance of this feather is to provide a record of full history on your dashboard. This software gives safe locations on a map for your business work.

Save messaging app

BlurSPY software read messages and checks WhatsApp record, Viber record, IMO record, and save files, pictures in the gallery.

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