How to block particular website

Hello friends,
Today I am going to tell you most talkative topic how to block particular website.
So after reading this topic you can able to block website using host file.
Host file is lies in system32 folder in windows.
Navigate to the::: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
Now in etc folder there is host file .
First of all change its permission.
To change Permission Right click on “host” file->Properties.
Now in properties go into “security” tab next to the “General” tab.Now in security tab select “users” under “Group and username.” Click on “Edit” button.Then again select “users” under “Group and username.” Give full control under “Permission of users” .

Security options

Click OK…
Now open host file in notepad.Add following lines. Site name which you want to block
For Ex if I want to block then line should be :
Now open your browser and try to open that site .
If you installed any server in your pc and if it is running mode then server home page will open.
otherwise it will give an error page not found…………..

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