How to Hide data in Image

Ok,So now, Today I am going to tell you how to hide any type of data behind Image so that no one can know
what is in the image.Technique to hide data in image is called steganography.
Here is the step to do steganography without using any software.
First of all select on file which you want to hide.
Then put that file into one archive file because when you use cmd to do steganography archive file is working well with it.
Now choose image file behind which you want to hide data.
Now open Command Prompt(CMD) then do as follow.
For Ex. : I have an image old.jpg behind which i want to hide data and a file private.txt which i want to hide.
now I put private.txt into private.rar .
I run this command–> copy /B old.jpg + private.rar new.jpg
It will create new.jpg file behind that my private.rar file lie.
Now to see private.rar file just rename new.jpg to new.rar and then doubled click.
Here is the snapshot.

I hope you enjoyed it.
If you have any query let’s discuss it.
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