The latest trends which will change the game for WordPress

The latest trends which will change the game for WordPress

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Trust me on this one, the rollercoaster of trends for the WordPress for 2020 are already riding high and alive very well. If you think that this framework delivers just the bland pages, well you are in for a way big surprise!

Some of the quality characteristics are already evident that would continue in the upcoming years. Looking ahead to the future is for sure natural around the very second month of a year, especially true for an avid WordPress user.

Many components such as CMS (Content Management System) continue to evolve at a rapidly growing pace. While the previous years were dominated by the talks of the REST API, 2020 also offers as much of excitement.

In this piece of content, we’ll offer some of the WordPress trends that are catching up the heat pretty much already, how they might affect you, and how to stay onboard. So let’s get started!

1. Providing Enhanced Security Involving Encryption and HTTPS

While having a big concern about security for all website owners, it stays in the forefront of future WordPress enhancements.

A secure version of HTTP – HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) where the ‘Secure’ part means that data transfer between your website and the browser you’re connected to is encrypted.

While the larger websites somewhat have been slow to convert to HTTPS, both WordPress and Google have raised their efforts to get websites onboard.

The year 2020 is said to be the transitional year for many website hosts and owners. And there’s more, with initial success of Let’s Encrypt, it is now easier than ever before to offer security for your visitor’s data.

  • Let’s Encrypt is at ease to use but installing HTTPS gets a cumbersome task at times.
  • Fundamental for a secure website is to check with your host as some offer certificates with their packages.
  • For installing manual certificates, Let’s Encrypt offers great service and comprehensive guidelines for doing so.

2. Rise of SaaS as a Developer Business Model

As a business model, Software as a Service (SaaS) is not anything new as the majority of the best WordPress service providers having traditionally used it as a one-off payment method. These payments might also include updates and support for a defined time period but may require an entirely new purchase when it comes to renewal time.

During 2020, we’ll see a shift to more developers using the SaaS model, with services that would be auto-renewing at the end of a term.

While keeping this in mind, if you’re a developer you may be looking for the switch. Once you’re ready on making the jump, it will be time to put your plan into action.

If you’re one of the customers, it’s important that you’re aware of the business model your chosen WordPress service provider uses.

3.Increase in the use of Video headers

Not a new concept in WordPress, Video headers are also gaining a momentum in terms of use. They have a list of benefits:

  • They’re attention-grabbing as getting all eyes on it.
  • They provide immediate exposure to a particular product.
  • They can be fun to watch and entertaining.

Considering this, we’re betting on it to likely have a spark in their popularity with their inclusion in many of the themes. To take out advantage of this trend, you can choose one professional WordPress development company, which can provide themes that come with video header functionality.

4.Evolution of Virtual Reality along with WordPress

Virtual Reality (VR) and WordPress together stand as one of the big trends in 2017. VR is longer just a technology for the gaming industry and WordPress is looking forward to lead from front in this regard.

  • Recently announced blogs will now also support VR videos and images, developers are already busy with creation of plugins for using VR with their self-hosted WordPress, like in WP-VR-View.

The outcomes for combining VR with WordPress are huge in potential. For example, adoption of this combination by E-commerce websites would mean customers would no longer be required to visit a store to interact with a product, try it option offered by and Ray Ban to try their sunglasses using a webcam.

It carries a huge potential for use in areas such as Travel, Sports, and Real Estate.

5.Single Page Appearance

We have already seen that WordPress developers and businesses are increasing to prefer single-page websites and this trend would continue with the coming time. Not being only simple but one page designs are also found out to be really convincing for users to buy the product. To attract the attention of the visitors, each page is interesting enough through its story telling.

Time to say bye-bye to the old-school sidebar layouts as making the way for the drag and drop in widgets.

Drag and drop is already making a presence felt across the internet. It provides a wide range and flexibility to the developers for presenting their content.

Having complete control over the display by using the content creating a plugin, the developers can apply more liberty with layouts and expect this trend to become more popular in 2020.

7.Compatibility with Mobile

Another dominating trend for this year is the presence of the mobile-compatible websites. Majority of people these days are using tablets and smartphones to log onto and use the internet. Every website is expected to meet the requirements of these mobile users. A great way to generate revenues, if a webpage cannot be displayed properly on iOS or Android device, well forges about the customers and the goodwill.

  • According to a survey recently, more than 80% of people are using smart gadgets for accessing the internet.

So, possibly the WordPress webpages need to be mobile-optimized for the coming time.

8.WordPress and E-commerce

WordPress website development is increasingly being used for ecommerce purposes and would continue to be in demand in the future. One of the most exciting trends hitting the world online. Content management system is being given way by the method of conventional coding, which is not only user-friendly but also optimized for creating business for the owners.

WordPress development is on a constant evolution, and thus it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Missing out what’s in the store for 2020 right for you, can make you fall behind in the race. It is necessary to become an early adopter of these upcoming innovations, which will be crucial for a great modern and good looking website.

If you know any of the WordPress trends that we may have missed that are must to look out in 2020? Let us know in the comments section and if you’re looking for the best WordPress service providers, then go with the portfolio of our company and avail our services.

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