The smart city at the service of the Digital Workspace – Big Data

The smart city at the service of the Digital Workspace – Big Data

DSI and CTO should focus on Smart Cities and Smart Buildings, and the IoT technologies they underpin, to bring innovation to Digital Workspace and the desktop.

The Smart City, which relies heavily on the Internet of Things (IoT), is the bearer of many emerging innovations, the convergence of the physical and digital, and likely to improve efficiency in the broad sense, stimulate the economy and even improve our livelihoods.

The basic premise of the Smart City is to allow any type of object to connect and share data, with a motivation of sustainability. While taking into account local concerns, such as pollution, traffic (congestion) and rising energy costs. Emerging solutions combine IoT, Cloud, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data and Analytics, Automation and Robotics. Hard to beat in terms of technology!

William Finch, CIO of Dallas, said, ” The smart way to become a smart city is the deliberate intention to make the data workable. ”

Added to this is an evolution of regulations, particularly on the Smart Building, with strict objectives in terms of energy efficiency that only intelligent building technology can achieve.

From smart building to smart office

The objectives of Smart Building, efficiency and cost reduction, echo those of the Digital Workspace, the workspace. The contribution of technology on the desktop and to the workstation is well established. Intelligent meeting room management, for example, requires sophisticated mapping of occupancy based on sensors.

In the cities, it is about capturing the use of urban infrastructures through a digital infrastructure, giving access to models of prediction and regulation in real time. To create a powerful ecosystem to share, classify, secure and store data volumes (whether analytical or interactive). And the data must be made available for interactions to the benefit of the consumer.

Technologies that can support smart workspaces do the same thing! The smart city and the building offer a rich technological space in evolution, and in fast growth. Technologies that are all opportunities that should enter the radar of CIOs and CTO.


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