Warm yourself with the Pashmina Blankets

Warm yourself with the Pashmina Blankets

Pashmina is considered the finest craftsmanship around the entire world which converts the delicate and warm threads of cashmere to enhanced accessories like cashmere blankets.

Cashmere is derived from a special goat known as pashmina is found only in the Himalayan regions around Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir. This fiber material has attracted kings, royals, and many people all around the world with its traditional grace and magical allure. The blankets made out of pashmina can make you feel warm and comfortable in any cold conditions.

Types of dyes used for Pashmina Blankets

In the early days, dye stuffs that were organically created were used to produce a wide range of color variety. The skill dyers would occupy only five to six different substances for producing a huge spectrum of 64 colors. The organic dye stuffs include dogwood, lac, and Hermes, indigo, saffron, safflower for shades of dull red, red, blue as well as yellow.

It was assumed that the large palettes of color were obtained by varying the dye colors and also by collaborating them with the different dyes. Modern analysts found out that all the pinks and reds were derived from the lac. The purple color shade was obtained by combining indigo with lac in different ratios.

Advantages of Cashmere

There are multiple advantages of this fiber that makes it outstanding from the other fabrics.

• The blankets made up of pashmina are user friendly as well as safe. This will not cause any problems even if you use it for years.

• You will get multiple assortments with good quality cashmere blankets. The blankets made up of cashmere are non conventional which are more eminent as well as convenient than the normal conventional stuff.

• Cashmere fiber is highly cost-effective. It is highly-priced at first purchase but on long-term use, the blankets made up of cashmere are effective.

• These blankets have high breath ability and do not cause any sweat.

• It will not cause any scratchiness on your skin and will prevent any skin disease or allergies.

• These blankets will provide warmth for a longer time.

What makes Pashmina expensive?

Weaving cashmere is tiring work. It requires a large number of laborers as well as much time to weave out proper cashmere. The spinning wool is used for spinning the pashmina and form the yarns of the pashmina.

This process is done by the womenfolk of the house and requires the set of skills that have been passed down the generations. Each step required for weaving pashmina requires an experienced artisan.

Any mistake in these processes will develop a disputed blanket. All these processes cost too much as they require proper care for outstanding quality.

Ever since the cashmere blankets have been discovered, it has attracted many people because of its softness. Perhaps it is the only fiber against which various invasions have been planned.

The high prices and the sparse availability along with the combination of the banning of tush fiber and high demand make it the best craftsmanship in the world.

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