What is my IP address

What is my IP address

If you’re a technology enthusiast, there is absolutely no doubt that you would have heard the term “IP address”. Even though you’re not so into technology, you might have a skeletal idea of what an IP address is. It is simply a numerical tag or label which is assigned to any device connected to a computer network that utilizes the Internet Protocol for any form of communication. They are basically numeric identifiers which all computers use. It is an extremely unique global address for any network interface.  It gets linked automatically to every online activity, just like a return address on a letter you mail to an address.
It is an amazing invention of the ever growing up-to-date computer technology designed to let any digital device connect with another through the internet. The IP address lets the exact location of billions of digital devices all around the world which are connected to the internet to be identified and distinguished from other devices.
“IP” represents internet protocol. It a set of laws or rules that oversees and manages all internet activities and aids the overall accomplishment of a range of actions carried out online. In essence, an internet protocol address is among the many methodically laid out interrelated grid which runs online communication by identifying both initiating devices and various internet terminuses, thereby making two-way communication conceivable.
What Is The Location Of My IP Address?
The location of your IP address is essentially significant, even though it is something you hardly think about. You won’t be able to do anything online; watch videos, read the news, shop online etc. without having a unique IP address. For example, websites like BBC, SUPERSPORT, wouldn’t know the address to send whatever information you asked for as they won’t be able to deliver it to your personal computer. Here are some basic things you need to know about an IP address.

  • You need an active one to stay connected. Once you’re online, you automatically have an IP address.
  • The IP addresses are not assigned to people. Although the IP address is for you, it is assigned to your computer, not you. Your location is a huge determinant of your IP address. The IP address when you’re at home, at the mall or at the park, is different from the IP address when you’re in the car, in your office or in an airport.
  • The Internet Service Provider is the only one aware of the real name and home address that tallies to an IP address. This is just to know the monthly internet usage, but this information is kept private as they don’t disclose it to anyone-except law enforcement law enforcement agents.
  • IP addresses never reveal any form of personal information like actual physical location. However, it could lead someone to you.
  • You can hide your actual IP address. You can show a different one instead of the actual one you’re using by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It’s similar to sending your mail to a post office box instead of your home mailing address.

How Do I Find My Servers IP Address?
For every device, a distinctive IP address is given in a dot-decimal set-up. For example, is allocated to every gadget connected to the internet. The DNS online which stands for Special Domain Name effects the change into the unique IP address. Every gadget type has its own way of finding out its IP address, depending on the operating system.
For windows and Linux, the following steps should be taken to find the IP address. The steps include the following;

  • From your Windows/Linux enabled gadget, log into your user account and click on the start menu option.
  • Type “CMD” and click on Enter. After this, the command prompt will be opened. Click on the “enter” key.
  • From there, type “nslookup” from your phone and press “enter”.
  • After this, make sure you read the output cautiously. When you do this, a line will reveal the server name which will contain the name and IP address.

If your gadget is Linux enabled, you will need to follow these instructions;

  • Click the “applications” option and select the “accessories” option. After this, click “terminal” then a command prompt will pop up.
  • Next, type “host” and click “enter”.
  • Voila! Your IP address will be shown in its usual number form.

For all android users (Samsung etc.), the IP addresses can be obtained from the phone browsers through the following steps;

  • Go to the settings option and click on the WI-FI settings.
  • Click on your network provider to view statistics like signal strength and quality, security etc. After all these, your IP address will appear.

For Apple users, if you are an apple user, you will need to follow these steps

  • Turn on your WI-FI and proceed to the setting. Click on the WI-FI option.
  • You will see an arrow (usually blue) by the network, usually towards the right side.
  • After this, your IP address will appear on the screen.

How Do I Find My WI-FI Router IP Address?
If you need to get through the IP address of your WI-FI, you need to have access to the IP address of your router. Usually, a lot of devices are connected to a single WI-FI router. Hence, the routers address is the default getaway.  All these also depend on your gadget type.
For apple devices, it is very easy. The steps to be taken are as follows;

  • Go to settings and click on Wi-Fi
  • Select the name of the Wi-Fi you are connected to
  • After this, you will see your routers IP address. It will be listed as router.

For windows enabled devices, the steps to be taken are as follows;

  • Click on the “start” option and click “enter”.
  • Click on “view network status” and tasks option after you select it from the “network and internet” option.
  • Look carefully at your screen and you will see “network and sharing” optioned labeled.
  • After this, select the name of your network and click on “details” in the option of “Ethernet”. The router IP address of your WIFI will appear after this.

There you have it! No matter the device you use, you can easily access the IP address by just following the aforementioned steps.
Good luck!

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