Software Development Outsourcing

Options To Consider When Thinking About Software Development Outsourcing

As of 2019, there are vast choices when considering software development outsourcing. Today, thousands of companies provide software development services around the world, and you’ll have an enormous opportunity to choose from depending on various factors like geography, rate, prior experience, etc.

For all these years since the start of the outsourcing of software development, this has become a mature industry in itself that handles large amounts of clients, which range from Big businesses to independent software vendors. 

In this article, we are going to analyze business based software development outsourcing under different conditions and collaborations.

Regions for Outsourcing Software Development

As we have already mentioned, there are thousands of companies around the world, providing software development outsourcing services. This is nothing to worry about though, contrarily it is a good thing. You can choose for companies based on your criteria because there are no good or bad locations, just companies that fit or don’t fit your criteria. 

Selection criteria usually take into consideration the geographical proximity, time difference, language requirements, and quality requirements. A combination of all these criteria is bound to get you the best fit company for your project needs. 

There are two types of outsourcing of Software Development, and one is Domestic outsourcing while the other is offshoring software development to another country. Below you’ll find the best options to software development outsourcing project based on locations. 

Home Country Based

If you are from a developing country like Asian, Southeast Asian, or African nations, the best way to outsource your software development project is in your home country itself. It would be cheaper, easy to coordinate, as well as easy on the legal front of things. If you are from a developing nation that is known for its proficiency in IT sector, for example, India, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines, Nigeria, etc. then there is no need for you to look 

outside your country, look for the best fit inside your own country. 

Offshoring Software Development

Based on the geographical location, if you are a country that is considered a western developed nation like USA, Canada, UK, etc. or if your country doesn’t have a notable IT industry that can provide you with quality options as per your requirement, you can always choose for offshoring software development projects to the countries that will provide you with the quality you need. 

There are several viable options when it comes to offshoring software development, and these are all given below. 

Eastern Europe

The first and preferred choice for especially those in Western European nations because of geographical proximity, cultural similarities, and least time difference. The countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Poland have at par IT industries that can quality software development solutions. Eastern Europe is known to host an increasing number of some of the best IT experts in the entire world, while Western Europe is looking at a constant shortage of the same.

Asia-Pacific and the Middle East

Asia-Pacific and the Middle East regions are home to some of the most talented countries when it comes to the field of IT. There are a number of proficient countries across the region, such as India, Pakistan, Iran, and Vietnam. This region is considered the most attractive for many companies due to the cheap cut-rate price of services, but this also means the highest risk factor of any other region in the world. 

Unstable Political climate and underperforming economies mean that this region is never short on turmoil, and settling legal disputes is next to impossible.

Some companies feel the huge cultural difference and the geographical difference as well as time difference which make it a hindrance to work properly in this region. Under proficiency in English is another reason companies have to deal with in this region, although if you can surpass all these as many companies do, then this is a rewarding region when it comes to outsourcing work.

Latin America

Latin America is probably the best-suited region for outsourcing work for companies based in the US. Geographical proximity and little to no time difference coupled with cheaper rates when compared to Eastern Europe make Latin America an attractive destination for American companies.

However, Cultural differences and little to no English proficiency in countries such as Peru and Bolivia can play as a hindrance to the best prospects of both sides. 


In the end, we recommend you to apply with an outsourcing company that is best suited for you in every respect from geographical proximity to trustworthiness and charges to do work, everything matters in a business environment. 

For the last 10-15 years, developing nations have been providing the best outsourcing destinations for your software development projects, so always target a developing nation for offshoring your projects. 


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